A new era for writing

A new era for writing

Marketing theory and target audience relations are worthless without practice – that’s a fact. But we will never be able to move towards quality interaction between Party A and Party B if we miss the theoretical foundations. It is not for nothing that science has gone through a long evolution, giving us the concept of interaction marketing that is relevant today and shows the world how, how much and when to sell.

Evolution of marketing concepts

The approach to advertising has changed rapidly over the past 2 centuries. She was loved and hated, created and destroyed. Someone began to dream a world without advertisingothers defend its products as true art.

In any case, interactive marketing has become the last stage for modern companies, but it dates back to 1995. Everything that happened before became history.

So, experts identify 5 development concepts that precede interaction marketing:

– Production (1860-1920). During this period, everyone makes the product they know how to make and looks forward to at least some demand for their skills. There is no specific development strategy.

– Goods (1920-1930). The basic idea of ​​production smoothly turned into the need to produce better quality goods and improve their properties.

– Sales (1930-1950). Started active development of sales channels. New marketing tricks are introduced to popularize products and intensify sales.

– Traditional marketing (1960-1980). During this period, manufacturers begin to listen to their target audience and produce what they need. They conduct surveys, research and hold focus groups.

– Social and ethical marketing (1980-1995). Companies continue the idea of ​​producing what consumers need, supplementing it with modern demands of society (for example, environmental protection).

And finally, it closes the evolution of marketing concept of interaction (from 1995 to date). Its short slogan is: production of products that meet the needs of the target audience, business partners and the state.

The essence of interaction marketing

Did this idea seem altruistic and noble to you? It actually seemed to you. Yes, now when advertising online and offline it is important to take into account the opinions of potential customers, animal rights activists and fighters for equal rights. But this is not altruism, but modern demands of society.

Here are some distinctive features of CF:

1) It still relies on making a profit, but differently than its predecessors. The difference is in type: now large and small companies are not interested in instant and one-time income, but in long-term and sustainable profit. Therefore, our era began to be called “enlightened egoism.”

2) The desire to build long-term relationships gives birth to new methods of communication with the target audience. Yes, now you need to create interesting content, write blog articles, fill out the page useful information. You must be creative, thoughtful and consistent in all marketing matters.

3) The process of winning customers is important, but it is an intermediate stage against the background of the two most important truths. First: in addition to building your target audience, you need to take care of loyal customers who regularly shop in one store and demonstrate their commitment. Second: it’s worth working on reducing customer turnover, keeping your target audience and motivating them to buy more. In fact, attracting new customers is necessary for the brand to have someone to retain.

4) The consumer has the greatest value. It sets the rhythm of the market, and manufacturers adapt to its wants and needs. As a result, companies strive to meet his expectations and continuously contact them. The main role in this is played by the content: text, video and audio.

Thus, relationship marketing is characterized by the following objectives:

– regular profit;

– long-term relationships;

– attracting and retaining customers;

– high consumption value;

– close, personalized contacts with the brand;

– mutually beneficial relationships.

This means that in the trade of goods, all parties should benefit: both the producer and the consumer. Both benefit from each other’s success. For example, a satisfied customer will write positive reviews and recommend the product to friends, providing the company with a passive stream of new customers. A successful brand will be able to improve its product and increase its availability by reducing costs. Everyone wins!

How does CF affect copywriting?

You accept the rules of the game in the modern market and want to take your place in it. This means you have to adapt to new realities and give your target audience what they want. The first three wishes include:

– quality product or service;

– affordable price;

– useful information.

The first and second are production and accounting issues, and the third is your method of getting sales and customer support. If the target audience needs your product or service, professional experience, expert opinion and point of view, you should share it in any way online or offline, for example, through a blog, blog or email newsletters. If people contact your brand primarily through social networks, you need to actively develop SMM.

So everything is at your disposal types of texts in content marketing. Depending on the specific tasks, email newsletters, landing pages, blog articles, long-form reads, video scripts, etc. will be effective. Remember that any text must be written in the context of modern content marketing rules:

– high information content and expertise;

– comfortable structure;

– relevant keywords;

– motivating title and leading;

– readability and adaptability;

– inadmissibility of errors and false facts.

The idea of ​​interaction marketing has been around longer than its predecessors – almost 25 years (the production phase is not counted). It suits both parties: producers of goods/services and their consumers. And that’s why no one is talking about the end of the era of relationship marketing primacy. Let the essence of MV help your site text content become better and bring more benefits!


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