Best 10 Cybersecurity Websites for Bloggers to Visit at 2024

2020 is the year that changes. Security breaches, malware, and ransomware are the things you’ll hear from the entire world news headlines today. Businesses lose millions of dollars, individuals lose their whole life savings, and bloggers shed their site’s revenues only because they do not take more precautions of their internet and website security. For bloggers or individuals with a job that involves being online most of the time, cybersecurity must be on their top priority listing.

Best 10 Cybersecurity Websites for Bloggers

10 Cybersecurity Websites

With the constant shifting of the cyber world, we are required to be”extra conscious” of online danger that imposes on online users every day. Privacy and data protection are significant for internet consumers since the year 2020 is filled with surprises. So it is ideal to keep yourself updated and protected.

Best 10 Cybersecurity Websites for Bloggers to Visit at 2020

1. Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley began to keep in touch with the general public about internet security and safety throughout his site from the early’90s. He educates and teaches others concerning the breach of confidence and information and is an independent computer security adviser. His greatest roles included the creation of the famous Dr. Solomons Anti Virus Platform, Sophos, along with McAfee for Windows. His articles are read with a huge number of readers and reach around 140K

2.Krebs On Security

The blog is a thriving blog that contains phenomena and investigative stories in the cybercrime and computer security businesses. This curiosity and enormous investment were ignited when Brian Kerb’s home network was murdered with a Chinese hacking group through 2001. The latest analysis story is about the online CPA information taken over by hackers and also the information breaches on Facebook. Other common categories include the most recent global threats, safety alarms, and information, privacy breaches, and cyber-criminals.

3. CSO Online

All of the current data and information about cyber, and company security are found at Their website CSO (from IDG) covers a broad area of risk mitigation and safety details. The blog mainly offers the information, evaluation, and research of access management, identity, and loss avoidance.

4. Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier created the site named Schneier on Security aims at information regarding patching, internet security, hacking, and alarms. The principal quality of this site is on customer security info and also safety tips for industries. He is a specialist in comprehending the internet threats and their motive behind creating them. He is also known as the”go-to” man about all of the cybersecurity information.

5. Hacker Combat

When it comes to learning about the cybersecurity world, it is the latest development and news, the Hacker Combat community would be the greatest site to visit. Your organization can be saved from the IT threats evolving daily by utilizing the tips and tricks provided by the security specialists. This community promotes various ideal platforms such as event management organization, start-up promotions, and also helps the safety geeks. It is a perfect blog that covers nearly all of the hacking and security news besides having a discussion forum in which the experts can comment and guide onto any IT security-related issues.

6. Tao Security

A large number of cyber-attacks occur in China. This led to the introduction of Tao Security from Richard Betjtlich. He specializes in the cyber-criminal world and malicious small business network attacks, especially about the Chinese criminals. He started the site in 2013 and contains a range of distinctive issues like how to protect the Western fascination against intruders. In addition, he promotes Network Security Tracking besides reacting and detecting any potential threats to international organizations.

7. The Previous Watchdog

The Pulitzer Award-Winning writer, Byron V. Acohido can also be known as a cybersecurity blogging pioneer. He’s the editor of The Last Watchdog which contains unique stellar policies, videos, podcasts, and articles about privacy distilled and also the topics of complex security for the smart audience.

8. McAfee Security Blog

McAfee is a very common software that most of us use on our computers or laptops to protect and fix it. It’s known as the world leader in separate cybersecurity businesses. McAfee also has a blog named McAfee Security blog. The information offered in the blog is helpful to keep the company informed about the happenings in the cyber world. It offers a variety of hints and methods by the experts that can make the information secure all of the time. Information about internet threats, malware trends, and the most recent updates and information can be found on this site.

9. GBHackers

The latest information concerning the IT industry is found from the site. It is a cybersecurity stage whose goal is to protect the electronic community against cyber threats. They can do it by instructing the internet community about any updates and security info. All of the present hacking information, security updates, and hacking tutorials have been shared within their platform. Their aim is to outpace the cybersecurity entire world.

10. Forbes Cybersecurity

Forbes is a pioneer among the cybersecurity sites. It educates the reader about the most recent threats in the IT world along with supplying concurrent news regarding reliable tools, authoritative evaluation, contributions, and cybersecurity.

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