Self-employed individuals across the world have found themselves pushed against the wall while seeking a home loan. The situation in Australia is no different. But, as the mortgage market in the island nation is slowly turning more competitive, more and more self-employed individuals can finally rejoice with Low Doc Home Loans Melbourne. This credit facility […]

Ways to Secure Your WIFI

Posted by | Hicks Shirley

With all this talk about the hacking going on these days, one can’t help but feel the need to have a proper security system for everything that could be hacked, hence the need to secure your Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi). Ways to Secure Your WIFI If someone hacks into your Wi-Fi, they can not only use […]

Ways to secure your phone

Posted by | Hicks Shirley

Technological advancements invite potential security breaches. Just like any other thing in the world, the more that something develops, the bigger a target it presents for ill-doers to look for loopholes to hack it. Having said all of that, there are several ways you can protect your phone (android) from getting hacked. 1) Phone Lock: […]

How to Rank Fiverr Gig

Posted by | Hicks Shirley

Selling any service on Fiverr is very cutthroat in the present time as lots of service providers are selling their expertise there and also getting a fair amount of buyers. All freelancers know very well that Gig ranking is the most critical factor in Fiverr. How to Rank Fiverr Gig If you put a gig […]