Top 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Posted by | Hicks Shirley

In this post, we will examine the best SEO plugins for WordPress that can help improve various parts of SEO and increase the general visibility of your site. Currently, if your site is on WordPress, there are some amazing SEO plugins that you can use to get a good amount of organic traffic to your site […]

What is a Guest Post?

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Guest Post: If you are a blogger, you must have already heard this term. If you are a new blogger, let me explain; guest post refers to your writing content for someone else’s blog. Method: You look for a blog that has a niche similar to yours, and you ask them if they accept guest […]

In case you have been using the web for a while now, you must have come throughout the phrase”Page not found.” It’s an error page technically known as”404″. This error is that each and every time a user tries to reach a page for which a website can’t load or a site’s link is broken, […]

Modern website development needs have developed over the past few decades. These days, web developers’ most essential aspects should remember while creating mobile-friendly and rapid loading speeds. In the last few decades, the number of smartphone users has increased dramatically. How To Put Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on WordPress So, it’s essential that their demands are […]

WordPress was initially created as a content management system. Over the years, it’s been the platform of choice for both sites and eCommerce stores. Nowadays, it powers a significant portion of the internet. All The Ways You Could Get Rich With WordPress Smart people worldwide have discovered very creative uses for WordPress, and in the […]

You will be amazed to see that around 70 percent of the sites found on the internet are merely content websites. They do not sell any merchandise neither offer solutions. You will wonder just how and why they run a site (or blog in more appropriate terms). The answer is that they earn more income […]

Many people launch their blogs to generate money as an affiliate marketer. Though you have to work hard during the initial days, it’s simple to earn decent revenue through affiliate marketing. If you’re a blogger trying to be a successful affiliate marketer and make money, here are some hints for you. 10 Tips to Become […]

Google has among the most significant user base in the term using a Gmail account. The popular Google accounts will be, the more vulnerable they’re for hacking. Although you can keep a strong password, it is crucial to guard your Google accounts with an added layer of security. 2 step confirmation for Google accounts can […]

4 Easy Steps to Launch Your WordPress Site

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In a declaration: Any WordPress is splendidly fit for taking care of any sort of website you can envision. This incorporates a wide range of individuals as well as an expert (business) internet website. Your imagination is the central limit. Furthermore, obviously, WordPress itself is a totally free arrangement. Step #1: 4 Easy Steps to […]