Fiber Optic And 5G Technology

What Is Fiber Optic?

Fiber optic is a technology used to transmit data files at a blazing speed. The process takes place with the help of a fiber medium that is made up of glass or plastic rather than electrical appliances or wires. It transmits much data than conventional copper or metal wires. Besides, it is less prone to electromagnetic interference because it sends data in the form of a pure light rather than electricity.

Uses Of Fiber Optics

Nowadays, people use fiber optic cables for various purposes:

1)     Internet

Fiber optics can carry a large amount of data as compared to other traditional wires. Therefore, internet cables use it to ease up the process of accessing the data online, sending or receiving messages through the internet.

2)     Computer Networking

Traditional copper wires are bulky and heavy whereas fiber optics are lighter in weight and are thin that helps in building up networking quickly. It helps in saving the time of the people to transfer information and files across the connected network.

3)     Lightning And Decorations

Lights and decorative material are the basic need during the festivals to make your small place pretty and brightening. The use of artificial lights and projecting decorative elements is growing over the years. Thus, to save people from electric shocks and damage, the use of fiber optics is started.

4)     Cable Television

Cable television is the basic need for human nowadays. During the ’90s, it was a product of luxury, but now it is a necessity as it is used in the form of entertainment, getting information and know the recent trends. Thus, the cables transmit signals are of high-quality due to change in the technology. The speed that it holds is faster, which an ordinary copper wire cannot hold. Therefore, fiber optics are used as it is cheap and more rapid than traditional cables.

5G Technology And Fiber Optics

As the change in the year, development in technology is taking a jump, and this jump brings in access to the technology in the fastest manner. In 2004, 4G technology was introduced, and it leads to the growth of 40% of internet users. Now, soon, it is predicted that 5G technology will be launched by 2020.

In the era of 1G or GPRS, the towers used a massive amount of energy to make a phone call. But the introduction of 5G will help to use radioactive frequency to establish communication. People have reached the era of wireless technology.

This feature leads people to become greedy for the faster transmission of data without any internet traffic. The traffic is mainly generated due to the heaviness in the data files. But the use of fiber optics to transmit the data in case of 5G technology will lead to telecom companies to shift to the large tower to a cost-effective tower system.

This, in turn, will help to improved the technology and save the environment at the same time. Moreover, it will also save the cost of up-gradation of technology.

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