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Everything new is well forgotten old. This is how content specialists talk about group marketing in a nutshell. But this in no way reduces the importance of such marketing tricks: the target audience perceives such advertising well and does not even consider it as such, and companies get another working method to improve their reputation on the Internet.

About the concept of CM

Crowd marketing involves techniques for latent promotion of a product or service. It is used exclusively online: on websites, blogs, in comments on pages, articles and even videos. Crowd marketing gets its name from the English word “crowd”, which means “crowd”. In fact, you have the opportunity to influence a huge and most importantly, interested audience.

Have you ever seen a comment on a forum with a link or recommendation for a particular product? Yes, that’s exactly what it is – group marketing. At first glance, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from honest, personal and objective advice from a more experienced user (of course, if the work is done at the highest level). The hidden, native advertising nature of KM lies in its main strength.

Crowd marketing is ideal for those projects that need a wide group of people, regardless of their geographic location. From travel insurance, the best dentist/lawyer/musician in town to construction and renovation work.

Among themselves, marketers sometimes call it group marketing word of mouth. After all, such comments and reviews can leave your satisfied customers, sincerely recommending the product or service to other people.

Why does group marketing work?

For most people, the opinion is rooted: you can find a good specialist or product only through recommendations, preferably from a well-known person, but an absolute stranger will do it too. That’s why there are many question and answer pages, forums and discussion lines below the articles. Visitors ask questions in the hope that the other user has more experience in topic X and is willing to share it with others.

So, group marketing can solve different problems:

– Increase targeted traffic to website or social media page. At the same time, all transitions will be genuinely interested in your products or services, which means maximum conversion is likely. But any reason can alienate a potential customer: high prices, poor website adaptability, etc.

– Improve the website’s SEO performance in search engines. More links, traffic and increased session duration will have a positive impact on other web resource optimization parameters. Try to follow visitor engagement and works to reduce the failure rate.

– Increasing awareness of the company. By regularly mentioning your site or brand, you can create a powerful impression in the minds of your potential customers. The company name will be well known, which means the target audience will warm to you and your services.

– Development of the company’s image. Every new positive mention of a brand or online store is an additional plus for your reputation. The objections of the target audience will decrease exponentially.

– Increased customer loyalty. You will notice not only an increase in new users, but also their loyalty – regular orders, subscription to your news, interest in the company as a whole. Loyal, regular customers are the golden fund of any business.

Everything would be too simple if not for a few “BUTs”. Crowd marketing is a good and functional tool for content marketing, but not universal. In some cases it will not be suitable for advertising. For example, for urgent or situational tasks (car towing, emergency clothing repair), expensive services (buying business-class apartments, industrial equipment), some segments of offline business if they work locally (beauty salon, supermarket).

Launch of an advertising campaign for KM

According to experts, the average time to experience noticeable benefits from CM is 3 months. To start group marketing, you need to follow these steps:

#1. Decide on the technical specifications

Set specific goals for what you want to achieve: share your expert opinion, insert a link in an answer, troll people in a discussion, etc. When drafting the technical specifications, time and scope of work are also important, so that after the end of the advertising campaign, the actions taken can be analyzed and weaknesses identified.

It is recommended to start by drafting technical specifications of based on the brief. A high-quality, careful and detailed brief is the best basis for cooperation between the client and the contractor. It is the source of reliable information about your company, services, products, advantages and features.

#2. Create a portrait of your target audience

This is necessary to determine the format and style of the response, the appropriate vocabulary and the scope of the response. When writing a commentary, it is important to put the author in the shoes of the target audience.

For example, if you are answering a question about solving trigonometric equations, then your answer will be neutral, monosyllabic and possibly contain spelling mistakes, imitating the opinion of an eighth grader. And when we are talking about an expensive business service, then it is important to formulate your thoughts clearly, concisely and grammatically correct, using business vocabulary.

#3. Find matching pages

It is important to collect a list of current discussion pages on websites and forums where you can add your comment. Next, you will need to create a personal account, as few resources allow anonymous commenting. It is recommended that you fill out the information in your profile and leave 10-20 “live” comments in other forum threads or on other pages of the site. This will help your account look natural and distance itself from being a bot.

The best places to do group marketing are forums, specialized question and answer services, social networks and website pages with commenting capabilities.

#4. Start meeting the specifications of group marketing

The specialist should write a relevant answer or comment with an advertising fragment. It happens that a web resource has a number of response requirements, and the strictest of them relate to links to third-party sites or mention of certain products. Therefore, try to find out all the rules of the web resource before registering, so as not to waste time and energy.

The effectiveness of group marketing can be assessed based on direct and indirect data. Among the indirect, you will notice the general development of the brand on the Internet (increase in branded traffic and site visits), and among the direct, the strengthening of SEO parameters (increase in keyword positions, increase in organic traffic).

Remember that group marketing is a highly specialized service, part of a larger content marketing package. Using single comments and links will not bring you great achievements in the SEO promotion of the site and the real success of the company. Complexity is the key to better results in project development.

Use unique texts, SMM, email marketing, group marketing and other tools depending on the source data and objectives. In this case, your work will achieve the greatest efficiency!


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