How do I do SEO?

Posted by | Hicks Shirley

Slowly. SEO is something that many don’t understand. Most people Google it and find Digital Point or Warrior Forum only to find out they are wasting so much of their time. You do SEO by writing like a human, creating high-quality content, and building real relationships on social media.

I am aware that you can buy thousands of high PR links, blog comments, or Yahoo Answers (if that’s still a thing). I will personally tell you after chasing SEO for almost 12 years, I have stopped. I am now chasing social media.

If you create content, that’s written, graphical, audio, or video, you are already positioned to do well with traffic. You can drive more traffic by creating interesting content through social than through search. On top of it, you can save some money. SEO costs money, social costs time.

Here is the process if you still want SEO:

  1. Build website (WordPress is perfect)
  2. Hire someone to create 20 articles (use Fiverr or lance)
  3. Buy a theme or use a free one (Theme forest is fine)
  4. Integrate social profiles to make it shareable and natural
  5. Search for quality links, 1-way, and reciprocal. Some will say at least 10% reciprocal. Directories are dead so don’t waste your time.
  6. Get into some decently read blog comments, and make sure to link to deeper pages that relate and contribute to the conversation. You can also outsource this.
  7. You want to naturally build links, so if you plan on doing 1,000 links inbound in 6 months, perhaps make it look natural by building 50 month 1, 75 month 2, 220 month 3, 315 month 4…etc. till you reach 1,000.
  8. In the same breath as #7, release those original 20 posts you bought in #3 naturally with scheduled posts in WordPress.
  9. Make sure you are adding engaging content on social to assist in your SEO efforts. It should be shareable.
  10. Rinse and repeat.

That’s a basic overview, but again…I would say forget SEO and focus on social. Those are big wins in my eyes. I have spent 10’s of thousands on SEO and didn’t get much. I dedicated more time to social and received so much more for free.

You can get to #1 without gaming the system. Just write better, share more, and it will naturally build. I hope this helps a little.


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