How to Earn Money from Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free program offered by Google for publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying Google ads on their sites. AdSense can turn your internet content into a money generating machine using the favorite Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising.

Do You Know Where Google’s Revenue Comes From?

Google earns most of its revenue by Enabling Site owners to advertise on the Google Search Results Webpages. Now you can make a share of Google’s revenue by showing the same ads on your site. To put it differently, you’re helping Google to market, and consequently, they pay you a percentage of what they earn. This program is called Google AdSense.

Every webmaster or blogger must consider Google AdSense to monetize their blog or website. Even your site is just for information purpose, you can still participate and make decent money with AdSense — or at least enough to finance your site. This is not magic to make fast money. It needs you to know Google AdSense and make a profit by spending minimum effort.

How to Earn Money from Google AdSense?

There is no alternate besides investing your quality time before applying for AdSense. We strongly advise doing everything on your own and avoid paying for scam services offering an approved AdSense account. It is quite simple to receive your AdSense account accepted if you follow the below steps.

1. Create a Website or Blog

Primary requirement for AdSense is a simple site or blog with quality articles. There are plenty of free site builder tools available on the internet, such as Blogger and Google Sites offered by Google. They’re designed on drag & drop concept, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to use these tools. The site can be a movie site, game site, mobile program, or articles site. Google offers ads for every type of available websites.

2. Bring Visitors to Your Website

Google most probably will reject your AdSense application should you employ a newly created website. Displaying ads on your site makes no sense for Google when no one knows your area. The best way to inform people about your website is to submit your site for free to the search engines like Google and Bing. With millions of users searching online, an appropriate search query contributes to your website displayed in the search results and attract quality and unique visitors to your web pages.

Google Search Console provides free entry of your website to reveal in Google search results. In the same manner, Bing Webmaster Tools offers free site entry for Bing and Yahoo search. You might also use paid advertising services like Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter (Bing Ads) to bring quality visitors to your website.

Never use any of those free traffic exchanges to bring traffic to your site. They don’t attract quality and unusual traffic to your website, and the use of free traffic exchange is strictly against AdSense policy. Additionally, read the eligibility standards for AdSense and ensure you fulfill all the requirements before applying for an account.

3. Monitor Your Traffic

We urge you to wait for six months to get good traffic to your site. Additionally, this is a mandatory requisite for publishers from particular countries like India. Monitor your website’s traffic-utilizing Search Console and Google Analytics tools. Check out the search questions that induce users to your website and utilize search engine optimization techniques to assist your site move up in the search position.

You’ll get approved with the site having fantastic traffic from search engines.

4. Apply for AdSense

Once you’re ready with your website with enough traffic, Apply for AdSense. Google will examine your website content and traffic and reply over an email in a week. Finally, Google also needs to earn more revenue by displaying more ads on the net; the possibility of your AdSense account approval is relatively high if you had done your floor work well.

5. Make Money out of AdSense

Start earning money when your application is approved by putting advertisement codes on your site. You can set your ad codes in any variety of areas complying with AdSense Policies. If the application is rejected, the reason could be some of the followings:

  • Content replicated from other sites
  • No Quality articles and No Quality Traffic
  • Range of mature, violent, or recommending racial intolerance
  • Less Duration of Website Ownership
  • Unreadable content because of excessive use of keywords
  • Incomplete or Under Construction Web Pages
  • You are less than 18 years old!!!

Determine why you’re denied approval and fix that problem and apply again; there’s no limit to how many times you can apply for AdSense. Here are the sample AdSense rejection letters for reference to prevent the typical mistakes and get your AdSense approval quickly.

Any Shortcuts available?

The solution is NO. Well, you may use AdSense revenue sharing sites to make things simpler for you at the expense of paying some of your AdSense revenue. Even though the acceptance procedure is the same, several revenue sharing sites provide an integrated platform to make a free site or blog. But we strongly advise that you work hard and receive acceptance by yourself.

How Much I Could Make?

There’s no limit to your AdSense earnings. Google will send you an equivalent check in your local currency when your revenues surpass the brink of USD100 at the end of the payment cycle. Here are sample earnings from Google AdSense.

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