How To Put Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on WordPress

Modern website development needs have developed over the past few decades. These days, web developers’ most essential aspects should remember while creating mobile-friendly¬†and rapid loading speeds. In the last few decades, the number of smartphone users has increased dramatically.

How To Put Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on WordPress

So, it’s essential that their demands are satisfied with perfection. No one likes to visit your website if it is too slow and requires a great deal of time to load images and videos. Long loading time will result in a higher bounce speed, which is absolutely not suitable for your site.

There are a lot of techniques in WordPress to maximize your site for cellular. Still, in the following guide, I will tell you about the best and smartest method of doing so via the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) process by Google.

Do you know what the AMP Job is? I will give a summary of the AMP Project, how it works, steps to setup AMP in WordPress, and some WordPress AMP plugins and themes.

What Is The AMP Project?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source initiative by Google towards making the website faster and portable friendly. It obtained global recognition because of the fantastic features as it enabled web developers to of the websites on mobile platforms.

Whenever you’re using a framework developed by Google, then you are playing in safe hands. Also, you get many advantages from using Google’s technology. By way of instance, if you’re using the AMP HTML frame to develop your own site, it will be cached straight by Google without needing to place any extra efforts. Cool, isn’t it?

As it’s supported by Google, cellular internet usage has surprisingly improved up to 60% now, and the following bar chart from Hitwise reveals the mobile internet use in line with the types of sites.

Let’s discuss the company here! What is the goal of producing your online website in the very first place? You wished to get more traffic and get more prospects. The majority of us agree with that. Therefore, Suppose There’s a faster way of Distributing interest.AMP is the Ideal tool for this Objective.

Benefits Of Using AMP Job

Here are some core benefits You Will get as Soon as You utilize AMP for the Site

  • Quicker loading website for mobile users
  • Automated caching by Google
  • A higher rank on Google Search
  • Improved visibility for publishers
  • Visitor analytics to monitor user’s behavior and needs

Cons of AMP

However, it isn’t necessary all rosy. The AMP may be a little convoluted, and you might do a little bit of tweaking to get its full benefits.

  • Menu pub varies entirely, and May Not appeal to the consumer
  • utilizing AMP requires more effort and resources.
  • Not all articles functions with AMP. Videos on the page may take precisely the same time.

Nevertheless, its advantages are far higher than the disadvantages.

I understand the information I have supplied today could be a bit overwhelming. So, I have created an infographic which you may use as a guide.

How Does AMP Work To Accelerate Your Pages?

Since AMP has its own lightweight framework, you need to use its habit styles and functionalities to implement it on your website. AMP webpages are entirely based on CSS, and this is the way they achieve lightning-quick speed. AMP supports styles only in labels, as it is the fastest way to employ styling. AMP does not have any external CSS. Thus, you can’t use inline CSS and animations, as they are the significant factors which slow down your website.

So the only way to use styles using AMP is by way of the head tag, and therefore, you’ve got to use

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