How to Scan Your WordPress Website and Patch Security Vulnerabilities

Safety is just one of the vital aspects of your website. It is essential to secure your content and site from external interference and hacking. An individual can easily say that there are far more cyber crimes in this digital world than street crimes.

WordPress website security concern?

There are about 7.5 Million strikes per hour on WordPress sites. This startling statistic suggests your site has already been tried a breach previously; if not, it is expected within the upcoming few hours. We know WordPress sites are an easy victim and have a higher prospect of being compromised if their security is not addressed seriously.

How to Scan Your WordPress Website and Patch Security Vulnerabilities

So it’s essential to scan your own WordPress website to ensure it stays safe and assaults free. Scanning will allow you to find out its vulnerabilities and is the very best way to deal with them. Things will get worse if Google and other search engines find out your website is malicious. You’ll be blacklisted and appear as a vulnerable site in the browsers.

1. Basic tips to keep your WordPress website safe

Below I’m sharing some helpful security hacks that may keep you safe from hackers’ penetration.

  • Never share your private data (emails and other sensitive info ) openly. Keep a low profile.
  • Maintain your WordPress version upgraded.
  • Maintain a strong alphanumeric password, such as alphabets from uppercase and distinctive characters.
  • Make a habit of changing your password every month or 2.
  • Don’t use defaults for naming your own database prefixes.
  • Always use trusted plugins and topics.
  • Do not let unnecessary file permissions.
  • Maintain a stable and robust server.

Making use of these hints is fundamentals. You have to take more extreme measures to secure your website. The very first step would be to scan your website and server, so you know which regions need your attention.

2. Scanning your website and server

We are aware that a site might be working correctly, but there’s a high likelihood it is already infected with malware. So it is essential to conduct a scan on your site and host to locate any malicious file or activity. A successful hacking attempt might give vital information to hackers like your IP address, copied sessions, cookies, and documents.

There are numerous plugins and 3rd party solutions that can enable you to scan your website and host and find malicious actions. There are online tools as well as WordPress plugins to browse your site.

3. Online tools for scanning

Several sites can demonstrate an entire collection of safety issues your website has. Here are a few paid and free online tools that help you scan for security breaches.

You can use a few of these tools for free. For more advanced options and scans, you can buy premium services as well.

  • Sucuri Site Check
  • WP Scan
  • WordPress Security Scan
  • Acunetix

4. WordPress plugins such as scanning

Numerous reputed companies within internet security focus on building powerful scanners and security tools. Listed below are some WordPress plugins that will allow you to keep your website safe and give the essential changes.

It is one of the best plugins in regards to securing your website’s WordPress setup. It also offers a thorough report of vulnerabilities and suspicious activities on your site. Total Security is maintained by professionals who are always connected with their users if there are any problems they may need to discuss. It features, like:

  • Scan WP core documents
  • Identify problematic files
  • Multiple installment parameters examine
  • Repair broke WP auto-updates
  • A varied selection of files that it may secure
  • you may build custom URLs for secure logins.

Wordfence Security

It is one of the most used safety plugins for WordPress. It’s strong enough to scan theme files, core WordPress files, and other plugins. Wordfence Security is the most user-friendly security plugin that you’re going to get. It assesses against previous versions, and should you have operating documents in different folders on this server, it may also scan outside of your WordPress installation.

Theme Authenticity Checker

If you think your theme is compromised and your data is not secure, you might love this plugin since it will scan all of the source files of every motif installed. If the plugin finds any suspicious code in the theme, it will tell you about the document path, line number, and snippet code.
I strongly recommend this plugin to conduct a safety check on your theme.

Vulnerability Alerts

This is similar to an alarming system because this plugin does not correct the issues and alerts you of these safety issues your site is facing. Often times, it provides you with useful links where you can find out more about these vulnerabilities. It can send email notifications to the consumer when problems are found. This plugin can scan WordPress’s heart, themes, and plugins.

Vulnerable Plugin Checker

Exactly enjoy the Vulnerability Alerts plugin; also, it alerts the user of vulnerabilities. However, it’s intended to check plugins just. Vulnerable Plugin Checker automatically finds vulnerabilities and can alert the user through email notifications about the issues.

It will not be fixing any safety issues, but scanning your site twice per day makes Vulnerable Plugin Checker worthwhile. This plugin uses WP Cron to test security updates two times daily. So that you do not need to continually update the plugin for newer vulnerabilities checking.

There Are Lots of other plugins that you May Want to explore, for example:

  • WP Antivirus
  • AntiVirus
  • WP Changes Tracker
  • Anti Malware

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