Short Stories in Hindi – Morally Instructive Stories (October 2023)

Short Stories in Hindi

short stories in hindi not only serve as a source of entertainment for children but also as a powerful means of imparting fundamental lessons of life. Whenever stories are discussed, the focus is often on children, as Hindi short stories primarily appeal to them. For children, stories with moral teachings are unique medium which not only provides them new inspiration but also guides them to lead their life in the right way.

This, in turn, helps shape them into better individuals in the future. In fact, both children and adults find these short motivational stories in Hindi for students, regardless of their age, highly inspiring. Moreover, a valuable lesson is always gained from them. This is why everyone enjoys Hindi stories, whether they are young or old.

In these moral stories for kids in Hindi, you will also discover a wide range of variations. What I am trying to convey is that the writers of these stories create many types of narratives for children. These include stories about kings and queens, stories featuring animals, ghost stories, bird stories and many more.

Without any further delay, let’s now get into the Hindi short stories that will definitely bring you joy.

Best Short Stories in Hindi with Moral (2023)

To introduce children to these excellent Hindi short stories, today I have presented this article titled “Inspirational Short Stories in Hindi”. These educational stories for kids are suitable for individuals of all age groups but are mainly geared towards children.

Short Stories in Hindi

If you are interested in sharing unique and captivating Hindi stories with your kids, then you can definitely read and narrate these stories from here. So, without any further delay, let’s enjoy a cute little moral story.

1. The Lion and the Mouse (A Short Story in Hindi)

Once upon a time, a lion was sleeping peacefully in the forest. Suddenly, a rat started roaming around his body, looking for entertainment. This disturbance woke the lion from his sleep, and he was not pleased.

Lion and the Mouse

As the lion was about to swallow the mouse, the little rodent begged the lion for mercy, promising to assist him in the future if needed. Impressed by the mouse’s courage, the lion laughed heartily and saved the mouse’s life.

Several months later, a group of hunters went into the forest, caught the lion in their net and tied him to a tree . Struggling desperately to escape, the roar of the lion echoed far and wide in the forest.

As fate would have it, a mouse was passing through that area and upon hearing the lion’s tense roar, he realized that the lion was in dire need. Rushing to the scene, the mouse began clawing at the trap with its sharp teeth, eventually freeing the lion. Thankfully, the lion thanked the mouse, and together, they went back into the forest.

2. Story of the greedy lion

On a scorching summer day, a hungry lion roamed the forest in search of food. After an extensive search, he came across a small rabbit. Surprisingly, he decided not to eat it, considering it too insignificant for his appetite.

greedy lion

After an extended search, the lion spotted a deer in his path. Driven by his insatiable hunger and desire for adequate food, he followed. However, the vigorous pursuit exhausted him, and he ultimately failed to catch the agile deer.

His hopes dashed and still without food, the lion unhesitatingly turned to the little rabbit he had encountered earlier. Returning to the spot where he initially found the rabbit, he was disappointed, as the rabbit had wisely moved on. The lion’s spirit sank, and he was forced to endure days of hunger, regretting his earlier decision.

3. The Needle That Gives a Tree (Short Motivational Story in Hindi)

In a small village near the forest, there lived two brothers. The elder brother had a habit of behaving very badly with the younger brother. He would constantly eat all of his younger brother’s food, and worse, he would buy himself new clothes meant for his younger brother.

One day, the elder brother decided to go to the nearby forest to collect wood for sale in the market. As he entered the forest and felled several trees, he unexpectedly encountered a magical tree.

This magical tree begged the elder brother in desperate plea, “Kind sir, please spare my branches. If you spare me, I will give you a golden apple.” The elder brother agreed at first, but his greed soon He overpowered them. He started threatening the tree, demanding more apples under the threat of cutting off the entire trunk.

In response to the elder brother’s greed and cruelty, the magic tree did not produce apples. Instead, it showered him with hundreds of sharp needles. The elder brother fell on the ground groaning in pain.

As the day gradually turned into evening, the younger brother began to worry about his brother’s absence. Worried, he went into the forest to find her. There, he found his elder brother lying in pain near the magical tree, covered in needles. Overcome with compassion, he went to his suffering brother and tenderly removed each needle one by one.

Seeing this act of kindness and feeling remorse for his past behavior, the elder brother apologized to his younger brother and vowed to mend his ways. The magical tree, witnessing the elder brother’s change of heart, generously provided him with all the golden apples he could ever want.

4.The story of the woodcutter and the golden axe.

woodcutter and the golden

Once upon a time, in a small village near a forest, there lived a woodcutter. Their livelihood depended on going to the forest, collecting wood and then selling it in the nearby market to earn a modest income.

One fateful day, when the woodcutter was in the middle of cutting a tree, an accident occurred – his ax accidentally slipped from his grip and fell into the nearby river. The river became deep and rapid, making it almost impossible for him to retrieve his lost equipment despite his earnest efforts. Filled with a sense of loss and sorrow, he sat down sadly on the river bank, shedding tears of despair.

Hearing his mournful cry the river gods woke up and inquired about the reason for his suffering. The woodcutter shares his sad story of losing his axe. Impressed by the honest labor and integrity of the woodcutter, the river god offered his assistance.

With a graceful dive into the depths of the river, the river god returned with a shining golden axe, but the woodcutter shook his head, explaining that it was not his. The river god once again transformed into a dove, this time emerging with a silver axe. Then, the woodcutter politely declined, confirming that it was not his lost tool.

For the third time, the river god drowned in water, and upon resurrection, he presented the woodcutter with a simple iron axe. Seeing his own humble axe, the woodcutter’s face lit up, and he said with gratitude that it was indeed his axe.

Impressed by the woodcutter’s unwavering honesty and loyalty, the river god decided to reward him. As a token of his appreciation, the river god gave the woodcutter not only his recovered iron axe, but also gold and silver axes.

5. Story of the elephant and his friend

elephant and his friend

Many years ago, a lone elephant came to an unfamiliar forest. This wilderness was foreign to him, and he was eager to establish new connections and friendships.

The lonely elephant’s quest for friendship began when he approached a monkey and asked lovingly, “Hello, brother monkey! Would you like to be my friend?” The monkey replied, “You can’t swing like me because you’re too I am older, so I can’t be your friend.

After this the elephant approached a rabbit with the same request. The rabbit replied, “You are too big to fit in my hole, so I cannot be your friend.

After this, the elephant turned to a frog living in a nearby pond and asked the same question. The frog replied, “You are too heavy to jump as high as me, so I cannot be your friend.” Despite his efforts, the elephant found himself saddened by his inability to make friends.

One day, seeing all the animals in the forest running around in a frenzy, the elephant asked a charging bear about the reason for the commotion. The bear explained that they were running away from the lion, the forest’s resident, who was on the hunt.

In response, the elephant approached the lion and begged him not to harm the innocent animals, asking him to spare them. The lion made fun of the elephant and asked him to move aside. This enraged the elephant, who pushed the lion with all his might, injuring him and forcing the lion to retreat.

With the lion defeated, the other animals emerge, happy and relieved. They gathered around the elephant and expressed, “You are the perfect size to be our friend!

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