The Best Way to Improve Organic Traffic by Adding Area Pages?


There are no 2 ways about that running a website isn’t an easy endeavor. Be as it might, attracting organic traffic on your site is a true bear. You are able to make the argument that there are a lot of factors that participate in bringing organic traffic to your site containing educational content, Search Engine Optimization, promotion, link building, the genuineness of your site, web design, etc..

How do Area Pages gain your website’s Neighborhood SEO?

Area pages can bring in a thumping great number of visitors to your website. That’s what we did. In this post, we’re going to unveil how we made use of Area webpages to attract a hefty amount of users to our website. Thus, let us get into this:

We’re presenting you with the Case Study of how we got enormous Visitors to Our Site by Adding Area Pages.

A while back, we thought of performing an experiment with one of our Customer’s site which provided the services of cargo shipping from the United Kingdom

And to be brutally honest, it turned out to be a fruitful move. It helped us draw an enormous amount of visitors to our site in a brief span of time.

Before we delve into just how did region pages change things for us, let’s just grab a few common terms associated with our case research.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having said this, it requires some elbow grease to run a site successfully because of high competition in the marketplace. At the conclusion of the day, you can not make an omelet without cracking a few eggs.

In order to fine-tune the rank of your site, you have to keep a close watch on the SEO nowadays. Without doing this, you can’t create the things that go your way and get the desired results.

Every time a user wishes to search for anything within the search engine, then they get the outcomes against the particular keyword they’ve entered in the search bar. The thing is, they are more likely to click the results which appear in the top five suggestions on search engines such as Google, Bing, or whichever search engine that they make use of.

That’s tricky. I mean, if your landing page is unable to appear in the top 5 results obviously, you need to drop the desired users. No kidding!

What is SEO actually?

Alright, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) engulfs all the techniques and methods to verify the site you’re working on appears in the search engine results pages obviously. There are two most common approaches to SEO including On-page SEO and off-page SEO.

If you spend a moment just speaking about the On-page SEO, it includes the optimization of the site in order to boost the number of visitors to the website. It usually involves all of the methods to produce the site as search engine friendly as possible.

Be that as it may, it takes that the consistent emendation of the site you are working on for the sake of maintenance of its ranking in search engines. The most common On-Page SEO techniques include the optimization of keyword links, and titles, etc..

When it comes to Off-Page SEO, you can make the argument that it is all about the marketing of the website through other channels (outside your site). Link building is the first and foremost example of Off-Page SEO. You will find a lot of strategies for Off-Page SEO which can help your site rank higher from the search engine result pages. Thus, it’s important too.

What precisely the term Organic Traffic mean?

Well, organic traffic identifies the people that find their way to your site by placing specific keywords into the search bar. That’s wholly natural (without paying a single penny for this ). These particular words are called keywords and sit in the catbird seat when it comes to attracting visitors towards the sites of particular niches.

You can get the services of Organic Traffic analytics to check if your site is performing up to the level in catching the traffic or not. By giving each of the errors a look-see, adjusting the defects, and then nipping the unnecessary flaws you can uplift the visitors to your website.

So, now you would be knowing that SEO is of overriding significance for the site’s ranking in the search results. And that’s the same thing every site owner would be pinning their hopes on.

The case analysis of our website

We have a website off the floor a couple of years ago with an aim to supply all customers with cargo services in the UK to Pakistan. Be that as it may, the pages of the different areas were still not added. Our team then decided to extend the service throughout the united kingdom (by incorporating different areas pages to the site) and it turned out to be a large achievement.

What keywords to be used in Area Pages?

Following our staff thought of inserting physical places and area pages to our website (where we were supplying the services). We took note of the current keywords that we used to enter into the search boxes with the goal to send freight from specific regions of the UK

Resultantly, we singled out the very typed keywords in the specific areas and created pages with additional areas. For example, Cargo to Pakistan from East Ham, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leicestershire, East Riding of Yorkshire, and so Forth. Together with the above move, we managed to attract a whopping lot of visitors to the website.

The notion of adding area webpages was a major hit. The results of adding area pages are:

Increased Organic Traffic:

Earlier this event study, 1000 traffic used to visit the website. Be as it might, the number only crossed 6500 visitors inside a little time. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

And the story does not end here. Our site started looking at the top page for several of the key keywords. The identical thing caused a great increase in service cost and revenue generation. Vola!

Increased Conversion Rate

Straight then, a giant stride was likewise observed in the conversion speed. That said, a hefty percentage of those people signed up to your site simply due to the addition of their area pages.

We were then told by the analytical team that the conversion rate just climbed up from 16% to striking 25 percent because of the insertion of pages.

Well, honestly, we did not expect that much but it worked.

What was the consequence of adding pictures to Area Pages?

It may appear a little odd for you but the addition of images on area pages proved to be a silver bullet too. Images of different landmarks belonging to these particular areas were added and the result was astounding.

This was because of the reason that these images enabled the people to select the specific area without reading the entire content and ultimately gave a push to the conversion rate.

Example of an Area Page and What about the Content?

Now the question arises, what should be on the area page and the way to address the content need for every single page. We planned to begin with minimal effort to find the results and add more content later. The’content’ we chose to include on every page was:

  • A Couple of lines of text mentioning domain and services offered by the business
  • Three pictures of the region (with keywords in ALT tags)
  • Mention’domain’ with keywords in Metas (Title, Page description, H1)
  • Links to our support webpages
  • We went for the above-mentioned plan and the results were amazing. To this date of writing this post, we’ve yet felt the need for increasing any material since the ranks been great. An example of a local page can be seen live here.

Wrapping Up:

Each of the aforementioned actions assisted us in several ways and can do the same for yours also. To make the case, we could declare that insertion of place pages to the website can:

  • Attract visitors to your site
  • Boost organic traffic manifolds
  • Get more local customers to your brand
  • Fire at the right customer base
  • Convert impulses into sales
  • Polish up the search engine rank
  • helps calculate the output

The upshot of the above discussion is that running a website is not as simple as drinking a glass of water. There are a bunch of factors that come in the method of polishing up the ranking of your site.

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