Top 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Earn money by blogging Blogging is the first way to earn money. You must have heard about Blogging; it is a website where you keep putting your articles from time to time. To make a block, first, you have to juice a topic. It happens that on which Topic you want to make a block, that topic could be Health Technology Maybe Gaming Maybe, etc. You can create a partnership for free, and if you can spend some money, then you can also generate a block on WordPress. You don’t need to learn any coding or programming to make a block. Once you have set up your league, you can earn money by applying Google AdSense or end to end or by placing ads of other advertising company Google.

Top 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Adsense: Google AdSense is a product of Google, and every blogger uses it to monetize the website in the beginning. Along with monetizing, it is the primary income source of many bloggers. Google AdSense If you also want to earn money by monetizing your blog, you have to go to the official website and apply for AdSense. After using, you will get the approval mail from AdSense, and after that, advertisements will start showing on your website. Affiliate Marketing: If you write about products on your website, you can earn money through affiliate marketing. That is the product about which you will write the article. You can make your commission by putting affiliate links of the

Same product. 2. Earn Money By Creating a Youtube Channel youtube is another way to earn money online youtube. If you have any talent, you can make a good video, and then you should make a youtube channel. When your YouTube channel becomes famous, you can earn a lot of money by putting AdSense on it or through affiliate marketing or sponsorship videos. .• Google Adsense • Affiliate Marketing • sponsor videos Google Adsense: I have already told you about Google Adsense. But do you know? Google Adsense is the primary income source of YouTube. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing I have already told you about this too. You can also earn money by using this on YouTube. Sponsor Videos: When your YouTube channel becomes famous, you will automatically start getting mails for sponsor videos.

Because of this, you can earn money from your channel 3. Earn Money By Creating a Facebook Page Facebook page is the third way to earn money; you must have seen different pages on the Facebook page, but do you think that the pages are made like this, and the hard work is done? In it. It is made so famous, or any is made it is not made like that You can also earn money from Facebook when you create your page on Facebook. Facebook does not give your money, but when your page becomes famous, you can earn money by using sponsorship affiliate marketing. 4. Earn money by freelancing online Online freelancing is the fourth way to earn money. Online freelancing means selling your service or talent online, and if you have any service or skill, you can now sell it online. It is called freelancing.


Such as writing, designing, app development, website development, video editor, can do The most famous website for online freelancing is then, you have to create an account on the website tell your profile what service you want to provide. You will get service or order and at that right time. You will give it after completing it and then take money, and this is the fastest way to earn money online 5. Earn Money From Share Market Share market is the fifth way to make money online, share market, you can make money quickly, and this is the best option to make money and it has the highest risk, you have to buy shares in it for less money and how you can buy this share when it grows. have to resell

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