Unique Gifts For Tech Guys Who Have Everything

Are you looking for gifts for tech guys this holiday season? If so, there are plenty of gifts to choose from. You will be able to find gifts for men, women, and kids of all ages and tastes. This year, let’s look at gifts for tech guys.

Best and Unique Gifts for Tech Guys

A high-quality projector at Christmas is a perfect gift for technology geeks. You could even use it at your own Christmas party to view your favorite movies with friends. The guys can also entertain before a long stressful day of work with their newly acquired gadgets. These are definitely the perfect gifts for tech guys.

If you want to give a more unique gift, consider getting them a personal training kit or a new fitness guru treadmill. They will certainly enjoy these gifts because they will have a hard time getting it back out in use. A personal training kit includes workout guides, an iPod, and exercise videos. A fitness guru treadmill is a combination of state of the art technology and top-of-the-line fitness treadmills. They feature dual resistance mechanisms, such as an incline and a stair-climbing platform that really challenge your body.

Another great idea for Christmas gifts for techies is to purchase an eBooks on how to increase your estimated reading time. It lists solutions on how to do things like increase your estimated reading time, increase your reading speed, and how to eliminate distractions while you read. Most eBooks list the estimated reading time in minutes, hours, or days. So, you could actually set a new record if you spend at least 6 hours reading an e eBook that has instructions on increasing your estimated reading time.

There are a variety of ways to improve your golf game. Gifts for guys on the other hand can be golf tees. These items can have information like tips on improving your chipping, pitching, and long game scores. They often come with instructions on how to get the most out of your round and what equipment you need to make the most of your game.

Teens also love to accumulate new gadgets. One of the best gifts for guys on the hunt for a cool gift is a Nintendo DSi XL. It is a handheld video game that comes with over one hundred different applications and features that can enhance your life. Some of the unique gifts for men who have everything may include an iControl Video Headset, a Nintendo DSi XL Skin, and the Google SketchUp Kit.

A great way to think about unique gifts for guys who have everything is to think about what they already have. The easiest gifts for guys who have everything you could get him a membership to an online golf school. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when he finds out his buddies have a secret club to hone their skills. It might be something more unique if he had to pay for the membership; something like a nine hour class.

The last item on the list is the Google SketchUp Kit. This is actually a great gift for any guy who doesn’t know how to build things. Imagine what he would say if one of his classmates had to assemble the Google Docs software you just purchased for him and had to put it together using parts he bought in the hardware store. The best part is, he’ll be able to do it all by himself! As long as he has enough patience to wait for his turn to draw the Google Docs, he will probably appreciate his six hours ago tech gifts for men.

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