Corporate SEO

What Is Corporate SEO?

Most of us are familiar with SEO in general, but corporate SEO is a bit of a different animal. There are all kinds of SEO best practices that work just as well for smaller enterprises as they do for large corporations, but how they play out can be very different.

What makes corporate SEO different?

Large corporations already have some instinctive trust from Google (usually, at least), so any changes go into place faster than they would with a newer and smaller company. They can also make a much bigger difference, for good or bad.

When you’re doing corporate SEO then, it’s essential that you be 100 percent sure before you make any changes. Remember that any change will go live quickly; it’s going to immediately affect results and levels of trust. And it has to work across a large and sprawling website that may have to index thousands of pages.

Elements of SEO

No matter what size of the company you’re running, there are two sides to SEO you need to pay attention to. The first is on-page SEO, which includes blogs, internal linking, optimizing your title tags and metadata, and general content.

Then you have off-page SEO, which includes link building, social media outreach, and more. In corporate SEO, on-page is the most crucial area to work on and the place where you’ll need expert help from resources like 

On page corporate SEO

Because Google ranks pages and not sites, every page on your corporate website is important. Having enormous authority on your homepage is great, but it won’t help much if your sub-pages aren’t ranking well.

Internal linking is one of the key areas where most large corporate sites can improve their SEO. One reason many haven’t worked on this already is that doing it right requires a serious investment of time for a large site.

You first have to find pages that are relevant for the keyword phrases you need to use and optimize them for those phrases. Then you need to link to the target word used on another page to bring people to your optimized page.

If you have hundreds of web pages, getting this done takes a lot of time and care. Once the links are in place, you then need to set up a site map and index to help web crawlers find your content and index it the way you want.

Off-page corporate SEO

Getting quality links is arguably the most important part of off-page SEO for a major corporation. Google cares more about what others are saying about you than about what you say about yourself. A large corporation should be regularly referenced as an authority by others in the digital space.

Keep in mind that you need quality links. The best links are one-way links — that is, others linking to you without you necessarily having to link back. The best links also happen naturally and in context. Instead of anchor text that says “visit X today”, you want anchor text that naturally references key terms that your site is optimized for.

The number of links you have is important too. Too many can look bad, but too few are even worse. To get the links you need, start by using trusted directories like Yahoo or Submit several pages relevant to what people might be searching for in those directories.

It also pays to visit small publications and organizations related to your industry and get them to link to you. If you have sponsors or partners related to your business, getting links from them, and particularly to the sub-pages you want to promote, is a great way to build a solid off-page corporate SEO link strategy.

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