What is SEO in digital marketing?

SEO that is Search Engine Optimization, is one of the main pillars and integral part of Digital Marketing. You can also consider it as a marketing strategy to rank your website on the top of search engines in an organic way”.

SEO simply put, is a process to increase the visibility of a website or a blog on the search engine result page in an organic way. In the information age, there are billions of websites. So you need to optimize your website with proper SEO techniques to stay at the top of your game. Using all techniques of SEO will increase your website visibility in search engines such as Google. It aids lead generation, traffic, and ROI all at once and that too organically.

SEO can be done in various ways. Some of the popular and well known of them are:

  • Off-page Optimization

This includes every internal change made on your website. This eventually helps you to rank higher in search engines and keeps your audience engaged on your website. The various factors which aid in this process of off-page optimization are:

Image SEO, Internal Linking, Site Map, Keyword Density, URL’s Structure, Page Title, Meta Tags, and many more things.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO relates to the content on the website and the strategies you make to optimize a page on it. These factors which are outlined on-page SEO checklist will help search engines understand your content’s topic and make sure your site is a valuable source of information to the readers.

This type of SEO includes:

Keyword research, Content creation, Keyword optimization, keyword research, and so on.

Technical SEO

This type of SEO deals with all other aspects of your website apart from content. This means improving the site’s structure and design. It also helps improve the readability of the site and makes it easy for search engines to crawl the site. Technical SEO aids good user experience and makes the site’s quality look good. UI affects the overall traffic and engagement rates of a site.

The main factors involved in technical SEO are:

Site speed, Mobile-friendliness, Indexing, Crawlability, Site architecture, Structured Data, and Security. You can use SEO Audit Tool to check on the quality of your site’s technical SEO.

Thus, SEO is a vital part of digital marketing and your digital marketing strategies will prove futile without proper SEO implementations.

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